Mission & Vision






To help those who are willing to become the best version of themselves.

To clear out negative/ blocked energies & toxines and make the body - mind & Soul clean & fresh again.

To energize the body, to refill the Soul, to empty the mind. 

To Awaken those who are ready ;-)


"freedom for all beings"


"Ontwaak de heler die je al bent in je"


But also to help animals in need.

To stand up for animalrights.

To fight for a world without (animal) suffering.

In yogi language



when you choose to spend your energy/ money in my services/ products, you will support also the animals.

I will donate part of my income to animalrights.




Holistic approach:

A Holistic view means that I am interested in engaging and developing the Whole person, instead of just a part.

You can think of this as different levels, physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual.


All is one & connected (body- mind- soul- earth- nature- human- animals) and each human is different & unique, so each approach is unique and we have to look at every person as a unique soul.

The approach is personal & intuitive.

Not the short term painkiller suppressor but the long term Solution & Transformation.


Disease = dis ease = blocked energy


My mission & vision is to

remove those blockages ;-)


"be the change you wish to see in this world"


"Helping all living beings to become free"

-> free from suffering

-> free from illusions

-> free from toxins


-> free from everything that prevents you from becoming the best version of yourself



"alles is 1 en verbonden en zodra je dit doorhebt, ga je echt leven"


Are you Ready ;-)