"The Coach"

Gepubliceerd op 4 september 2017 om 19:26

Kim Nuyens owner of Innerhorse is my personal coach, sponsor & most important the one who believes in me & my marathon adventure :-)
She is the Horse Whisperer of Belgium :-)

We've always known each other in a way, that's how soulmates click. 

Then I saw a fb call, she was searching for people with a dog with problems, so she could help them by reading the dog, she was learning to be a dog whisperer, like a mirror, a dog or a pet can teach you a lot about yourself...

Interesting... because I have 2 dogs and both they have their issues... so maybe they are projecting my issues?

Kim has helped me to see where the problems came from. It was not just a physical thing, the cause was deeper. A mirror, a sign to look inside yourself and heal yourself so the dog would heal to.

Interesting very interesting for me, but also for our friendship & our future together as animallovers.

Kim Nuyens you can follow her on facebook "Innerhorse".

She is an animallover, especially horse lover and horse expert.

She & her co- coaches as she names her horses, they help me to deal with my issues.

Running a marathon is not only about the physical thing, its more about the emotional & psychological thing!

When you are in balance, you can rule the world, when you are imbalanced, the world is not that easy.

So in order to be at my best condition, as both physical & mentally & spiritually, this is the perfect THERAPY for me.

As an animallover, we both are, we want to show the audience, the people the beauty of an animal & the help & insights they can give us about ourselves.


We can learn so much about ourselves through animals, through work with them, listen to them, play with them, hear them, see them, feel them,...

So for now I want to thank Kim Nuyens & Innerhorse, to help me, coach me, sponsor me to become the best version of myself!

I am a very complicated person with a lot of fears, not going into details but a black stallion (zwarte hengst) has shown me REAL FEAR, but most important TO TRUST my coach, because it was a situation of madness, special thanks to Innerhorse to rescue me :-)

I will be talking a lot about my coach & the horse sessions & the improvement on my training & myself.

For today I give my body & mind a little bit of rest, I really need it to recover after my trainingdays.

Thank you & RELAX ON TIME!




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