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Why will I run the marathon for the animals?
How did I become vegetarian?

As long as I can remember, I have always been an animallover.

Also I am hypersensitive, which means that I feel emotions more strongly than an average person.

The eating of meat was a normal thing in our family and I never really had a problem with it, untill you begin to question everything:

"where does the meat come from?"

We have a meat eating family, so no excuses for them, as they see no issues in their eating.

The more I learned about the source of meat on the table, the more I saw trucks on the road with pigs & animals, driving to the slaughterhouse, the more I realized this is so wrong.

When I see a truck with animals, I really feel the pain & fear of the animals through my whole body, I feel it in my bones, in my heart, it really touches my soul, they cry for help and I can hear them.

I can no longer ignore this!!!!

That was the beginning when I started to stop eating meat.

Against the meaning of my family, because they thought I was crazy.

When my mother started dating a butcher, I was even more convinced of my choice being a vegetarian.

Especially when he came home with his white clothes, covered with fresh blood from the animals...

So for me it was enough, it did not feel right for me to eat meat.

For me it was the right thing to do to show respect to the animals, to not eat them.

Of course there are arguments and everybody has their own meaning, so I respect everyone in their choice to eat what they want.

But for me the most important thing is to know what is on your plate and to know what is done to it before it comes on your plate.

"Think before you eat"

Not only the eating, also social media uncovers everything about animal abuse lately, so this really gives me so much pain inside of me, that I really feel that this has to stop.

There is no room for animal abuse in this world, let us please all love & respect the animals.


So running the marathon of New York for the animals, for me is a statement for the animals, showing respect to the animals, showing the world that it can be different if we all respect each other.

And by running a marathon, it is not easy, it is suffering, but the suffering is worth it, because I'm doing it for the animals, who suffer already, and it's worth it, it is for a good intention, it is for the voice of the voiceless, it is showing the world that I do this with a reason, a goal, a statement, a mindset, a vision, a new insight, an emotional vision, to have compassion & to understand that it all can be different if we work together for a better world!!!!!!





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