"The Running"

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Running a marathon for the first time of my life.
So this means training & dedication...
Will I make it happen?

Running a marathon for the first time of my life....


So I've always been quite healthy :-),

I do a lot of Yoga & a casual run once in a while, but a die hard sporter I've never been...

Ok, the real work begins....

Let's start with a training programme, I've found a good programme, which I think I can sustain, combining it with my busy life & family.

A training week for me looks like: 

- 2 resting days :-)

- 1 alternative training for 1 hour, for instance cycling or crosstraining or for me Yoga

- 1 long run (for the moment the longest run I did was 26 km)

- 1 short run, slow (recovery run)

- 1 run, normal pace

- 1 short run, fast pace


Untill now, everything goes ok!

The most difficult part for me is the long run & the bagage.

What do I mean with the bagage:

the food & drinks you have to carry during the run, it is extra weight you have to carry, so the more your weight, the heavier the run.

It also depends on the weather conditions.

In summer 1 bottle of water is not enough, now at the beginning of fall, 1 bottle should be enough, but still you have to carry the bottle.

For the bottle I use a bottle carier on my back, inclusive a little sack, in witch I put my liquid gels & some energy power drops and a power bar of chocolate/nuts/banana.

I also have a hip belt, here I put my I- phone in, my keys, my apple juice and sometimes my earphones.

So as you can see, a lot to carry, what I notice on my speed, the more I carry, the slower my pace.

For the short runs, I don't need water or gels, I only use my I- phone, less weight, so the pace is better.


Motivation & dedication are the key words for the training.

Because: there are days that I want to run & like to run & loving it.

But there are also days that I don't feel like running because the weather is bad or I have a hangover, eaten to much, no time,....

And those runs are usely the best runs, because you dedicated yourself to go and do and afterwards you are so happy you did do it!


I'm also using the app "Runtastic", this also motivates me to run, because of the competitors (I've 2 big competitors, 1 is faster, the other runs a lot) so they keep me on track!


The nutrition: I will make a new blog on nutrition because this is also very important during the training & the running.

As with the shoes, I now have Nike's, but it's time for new ones, I'll let you know and post a blog about my new shoes & the running.


The running is more than just running, it is the package: the food- the shoes- the training- the mindset- the discipline- the equipment- the time- the social life......


And go on, and on.....


A lot of topics to discuss!!!

Feel free to mention your favorite topic so I can blog about your favorite one ;-)


For now thank you & have an awesome WEEKEND!




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