"The pain that made me strong"

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Sometimes only pain can give you strength.
Only pain can give you wisdom & power.
To go deep, to go within, to find yourself again
& change your life for the good.

The pain.

Pain enters our lives in all kind of forms...

Love- family- work- physical pain- mental pain- ....

It is because of those wounds that we become the most powerful version of ourselves.

Because we know we can survive!

In my life, I've known a lot of pain, starting in the childhood, which made me look for everything to

"not feel the pain anymore".

But in a bad way: I wanted to destroy my body to not feel the pain anymore like:

using drugs, alcohol, not eating, partying, .....

I've never learned to deal with the pain on a positive way untill now.

I thought destroying my body was the only way...

To not feel anymore, to escape from reality, instead of taking the pain away, it did (for a short time), it only made it worse.
I destroyed my whole life: my studies, my brains, my body,...

It made me weak & more painfull.

The pain I feel when I see a truck with animals going to the slaughterhouse, is a different kind of pain, it makes me stronger, it makes me a warrior, ready to go to the war & fight.

Fight for the Animal Rights!!!!

So I've learned that pain also can be positive.

Like the pain you feel when you're training, the pain that makes you feel like giving up, the physical pain, the body pain, it's the pain that makes you strong, that you can handle anything!

Then there is the pain of love.

The most hurtfull pain ever, the pain I never felt before, but the pain that changes your life forever!

It transforms your life!

It destroys the old you & builds the new you!

It is the most powerfull, yet the most painfull experience at the same time,


the beginning of the real you!

So you can choose yourself:

to see pain as a negative feeling OR to see pain as a positive feeling, to transform your life in a positive new You.

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely!


And I choose to live my life the fullest,

I choose "to run the marathon of New York for the Animals", to do something good for society, to use my pain in a positive way to make me strong, very strong, a warrior, who never gives up, who can handle anything, who will fight for justice & grow into a positive new world!

A world free from negativity & ready for all the love & positivity there is!

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