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The food or the nutrition has always been important in my life.
As an health coach and nutrition advisor it is part of my job.
Training for a marathon indicates a special focus on the right food, especially when your are a vegetarian.

As far as I can remember, food has always been important to me.

The nourishing of my body, the thinking what you put in your body, ....

I am raised quite healthy by my parents, they provided me with fresh vegetables and fruits, but they did not raise me vegetarian, meat was an important ingredient in the family.

Also sugar, but I think this in the majority of the families.

The most important part for me is that we always got fresh food, every day, that for me is a great lesson.

Also water was important and these are lessons I still use in my education for my son.

I experimented at an early age with food and the effects on my body.

I did a lot of research, but most of the time I was the experiment myself, so I learned a lot and observed.

Untill now I still use my own techniques in combination of course with my studies on nutrition and my daily research and experience with my clients.

Because I already eat very healthy, I do or I did not change much on my eating patern during my training for the marathon.

The things I've changed:

* eating more (I'm already a big eater but now its a really big eater)

* adding more carbohydrates, which I already do

* adding more proteine, in a vegetarian way, so no animals but instead: almonds - chia - oats- plantbased proteins

* drinking less alcohol :-) 

* eating more bars especially before, during and after a long run

* eating a lot of pasta!!!!

* eating less bad fat


It depends if I run a short run, I usually do this on a sober stomach, this means no food, only water or fresh juice.

When running a long run, I prepare myself to eat a good breakfast, fat free, so oats or muesli or bread, fruits, not too much.

Then, I will wait 1 hour to give my body the time to digest the food and go to the toilet.

During the run I usually eat 1 bar, 1 gel and drink a lot of water, sometimes 1 apple juice.

At the end, I have energy drops to give extra energy if needed.

After the run, when I am back home, I drink a lot of water and usually I will eat something like plantbased yoghurt or drink a smoothie or eat some fruit or and a bar, depending of what my body needs and craves for.

The most important thing is to


Everyone is different and everybody needs different ingredients.

As a vegetarian I have to take my protein from plants, nuts and seeds.

Conclusion & advise:

* Breakfast: fruits & carbs

* Lunch: veggies & carbs

* Diner: veggies & carbs

* In between: protein like nuts - seeds

* In between: if you are not vegan, you can eat yoghurt or drink a banana milkshake, if you are vegan you can use plantbased milk and / or plantbased yogurt.

* Drink a lot of water and fresh fruit juices

* If needed, use supplements like vitamines

* For more energy, use the energy bars, home made or the natural ones

* Pancakes are also very good

* Lasagna before running is a go go


If you need more tips & tricks you can always ask me.  I will help you as far as I can.

This is a general nutrition message, if you want more details on a specific subject, do not hesitate to contact me.


For now, many thanks & love.

Enjoy your healthy Day XXX




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