"Animal Friendly"

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To live "animal friendly"for me is to live vegan,

but also to look at every aspect of live to live as cruelty free as possible.


What does this mean:


-> Cosmetics: Are they tested on animals?
Are there animal ingredients inside?

-> Food & Drinks: Is there gelatin inside?

Is the cheese prepared with animal rennet?

-> Handbags & Shoes: Is this real leather?

What is the material made of?

-> Furniture: Is this a real leather sofa? 
What is the material of my furniture?

-> Really everything, all objects are deliberately viewed and selected.


For me this means that I will not buy leather products anymore.

I Will only buy cruelty free cosmetics.

I will read the labels very well and prefer hand made food and home cooked.

There are a lot of alternatives now. 
I will write a new blog about this topic.


As far as cosmetics and food concerns look at the label above to be sure if it's cruelty free and vegan.

If you want to be part of a better society,

please choose the right cosmetics,

choose animal friendly cosmetics🤍.


If every human being would choose to think & be conscious before they act, the world would be a better place🤍.


There are so many alternatives to produce cosmetics, to test medication, to make food, that it is unnecessary to abuse animals.


We have to stay creative and be open for solutions.


"We have to be willing to save the planet & have compassion for the animals."🧡


SO what will it be for you?


* To have no compassion and be a sheep of society?

* To have a heart♥️& soul🤍 and be a conscious mind that will stand out of the mass to be willing to make the world a better place 🌸to live fully in love & compassion and cruelty free.











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