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Children & Food PART I

Everyone knows that healthy food & kids is a difficult combination, how do we fix this? 


As a baby he ate everything! As a mommy I ate and eat everything, even when I was pregnant..... Now it comes, as a Health Coach it is difficult to be confronted with a child who does not want to eat everything :-(


How to fix this?


Well, I tried almost everything.....

But you know, forcing does not help.

And he is healthy and never sick, so....

Ok what to do, well I do Appreciate what he does eat such as:


* oatmeal for breakfast

* bread with vegan butter

* apples

* potatoes

* pasta 

* soup


Trying to make these meals as healthy as possible.....


For instance:

-> If he likes french fries, I will make french fries fresh from normal potatoes - sweet potatoes- carrots- vegetables- ..... and bake them in a pan or oven with olive oil or cocos oil instead of fry them.

= variation in food

= healthy fresh home made food  not fried

= Win Win  = vegetables = vitamines = Happy Mom & Happy Kid  :-)

-> Use Fresh Food!

-> Try to use your imagination & creativity

-> Do not give up!

-> Be a good example :-)

-> Give your child a reward after eating something healthy, this can be a dessert or extra mommy time....

-> Water is the best, so if you do not give your child soda drinks, you are on the right path.

-> Eliminate industrial sugars or try to give as less as possible!

-> Skip fake food, skip processed food & make "Table- Time" a priority!

-> Create cozyness & Fun


Yes you can!


Part I

I know you can do this.

Never give up.

It is your child, your responsibility and the behavior tells so much.

"You get what you eat"

You want a happy, calm, sweet child?

Give your child happy- healthy - fresh food!


The Reward is LOVE & Gratefulness 













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