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Spring is in the air .... So time to detox the body!!! Here's a list of SUPER FOODS TO DETOX THE BODY :-)



To eliminate the waste out of your body, your stomach, your intestines, your liver and your kidneys have to work very hard. These SUPERFOODS support your body with this important task.



Rich in Vitamine C, good for your immune system and a powerful detoxer. Reduces the chance of breastcancer with 40 % if you eat at least 1 kg per month.



Full of fibers that help digest other nutrients. Radishes are full of antioxidants, are strong anti-cancer, good for heart and blood vessels, quickly provide a full feeling and are good for digestion, so toxins are quickly removed. Your kidneys are also happy with these natural moisturizers.


*** A very tasty and super healthy salad is made with short cut, raw florets of broccoli and thin slices of radishes. Serve with a homemade dressing based on natural ingredients.***



Has moisturizing properties thanks to vitamin C, B and potassium. In addition, celeriac works blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering.



Endive is rich in minerals and vitamins A and C, which makes it healthy for heart, stomach and liver. Works furthermore, water-repellent, detoxifies the liver and has a positive effect on the kidneys and brain. The chlorophyll present makes red blood corpuscles for the oxygen transport in your body.



Very simple: packed with omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy cholesterol level, fibers for a good bowel movement and that help prevent colon and breast cancer, plus antioxidants that detect and eliminate free radicals (which can damage the DNA).


*** A handful of walnuts per day reduces the risk of a heart attack by 45 percent. Moreover, walnuts give a nice creamy taste to your smoothie. ***



Rich in vitamins A, B and C and has an antibiotic effect. Also a lot of minerals. Thanks to sulphate and iodine, your stomach and intestines are kept clean. Thanks to calcium and iron, red cabbage is also good for your bones.



A detoxer pur sang with lots of vitamin C and beta carotene. Also has a high satiating effect. Good for your blood vessels and strong against tumors.



Full of fiber and therefore good for your bowels. They have a diuretic effect which is good for your kidneys. The vitamins and minerals inhibit inflammation and reduce complaints in rheumatism and heart disease.



These sweet fruits are rich in phytonutrients, potassium and fibers that are good for the separation of waste products by the kidneys. Perfect detox fruit. Eating peach twice a week also reduces your risk of cancer.



Another vitamin bowl. Contains a lot of vitamin C, plus several B vitamins and carcinogenic antioxidants, especially against breast and lung cancer and leukemia. Also strengthens the cleansing effect of the liver and works strongly against diabetes and fungi.



A powerful anti-inflammatory. Eating ginger regularly, keeps your body healthy. Good for your bowel movement, helps against bloating, detoxifies and promotes digestion.


*** You can easily make ginger tea every day by simply pouring boiling water on a few slices of ginger. Too sharp? Gentle with a little honey :-) ***



Good for digestion, the kidneys, inhibits tumor growth and counteracts the aging process. In the dried version there are more active substances than in the fresh ones. For example, with your smoothie.



Except as good as all vitamins, they also contain many minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, a bit of copper, manganese, zinc and fluorine. They are diuretic and therefore very good for the kidneys.


*** Because of their detox function and their role as an immune booster, plus their liver purifying effects and anti-cancer properties, you should eat almost every day asparagus. ***



Fennel brings your intestines to rest: it works antispasmodic, diuretic, works against flatulence, is antiseptic and also stimulates milk production when breastfeeding Also good for stomach pain and nausea.



In herbal medicine or plant medicine watercress is used to detoxify the liver. Also works urine-exerting, prevents cancer cells and promotes digestion.


Voila a list of spring detoxers Specially for you, so you can start spring fresh & pure :-)




"Enjoy your life & enjoy eating!"





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