"Vegetarian Power Food" (part I)

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Eating the right food is important if you want to have or stay in a good condition physically & mentally :-) Here I will give you some advice about the most tasteful building blocks for a fitter, stronger & quicker body.

Vegetarian Food boring? Not at all!!!

It is delicious - healthy and most important it is animal friendly :-)

Now for the sporters under us, here are some tips of food to eat while you are training (for me it is prominently running) but it is for all kind of sports or mental state to feel fitter & stronger again.




* Almonds: are full of vitamine E and manganese, a strongh resistance hightener duo. You can use them during breakfast, as a snack or @ diner in a salad or mixed with rice.


* Apples: the amount of quercetine inside of your body, if you eat an apple a day will enlarge the capacity of your longs and prevents you against pollution.


* Avocados: your long capacity and your oxigenation will improve thanks to the amount of natrium- calium and magnesium inside of this creamy fruit.


* Beans: are superhero's for runners :-) They give you everything to gain energy, to repair and to keep your heart healthy. Beans are also good to boost your metabolism and they offer you fibers (gives you a satisfied feeling so that you eat less), proteins (to build the muscles) and a lot of minerals.


* Beetroot: eating beetroot makes you run faster, because of the increased oxygen inside the blood.


* Brans: train harder & longer, to keep you on track, brans will help you to care for your cells and prevent you from drying out. So that you can run longer.


* Capers: a daily dose of quercetine inside the capers prevents you against virale infections.


* Cayenne pepper: the capsaïcine inside the cayenne controls your eating habbits and also it burns more calories, hot food is very good to loose more calories and to highten your metabolism :-)


* Chia seeds: is very good to control your cholesterol, to higthen the good one and to lower the bad one. Chia also contains Omega 3, also good for cholesterol (good fats). Chia is a high protein seed so perfect for the vegetarian people around us.


* Chocolate milk: drink chocolate milk 45 minutes before a long run or directly after a long run, very good to restore the protein syntheses (very good for muscle recovery). For me it is plantbased chocolate milk.🌱


* Coconut Oil: consumption of coconut oil is good for digestion and burning calories, as for more it reduces fat and helps you to loose some body weight.


* Coffee: if you want to improve your time, drink a coffee one hour before running. If you have a contest, reduce your intake of coffee daily till zero, before the contest drink coffee again (be carefull if you have a weak heart).




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