"Vegetarian Power Food" (part II)

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Eating the right food for your body - soul & mind. To increase your sports level, to strengthen yourself and to be kind to animals :-)

Hello back for part II:


* Linseed: contains a lot of ADH Omega 3, reduces the risk of heart diseases, you can mix this under your oatmeal or pancakes, njammie!


* Raw Honey: "The Golden Liquer"!!!!!!! Good for everything so take 1 spoon everyday people. Also the amino acids inside help to absorbe the calcium in the body for the better. (If you are a non vegan)


* Green tea: calming tea, highly concentrated with polyfenol EGCG, this means that the tea contains very anti-inflammatory properties.


* Grapefruits: if you want to lose weight, eat 1 grapefruit before diner, the fruit decreases the insuline of the body so that you can control your eating habits better.

Note: my opinion about fruits: do not eat them after dinner!!!!! Always eat your fruit on an empty stomach, before diner, never on a full stomach. Digestion will get better also the metabolism will improve!!!!


* Mushrooms: protects your immune system, very important to stay strong & healthy.


* Pine Nuts: all nuts are good to satisfy your hunger system :-) eat nuts (especially if you are a vegetarian) but not too much, you will have less hunger :-)


* Pomegranate: prevents you from inflammation and muscle pain.


* Pumpkin seeds: contains ADH magnesium, a muscle enhancer.


* Potatoes: the best food there is!!!! Especially for marathon runners :-) low in fat, easy to digest and contains a lot of carbohydrates, calium, vitamine B6, vitamine C, fibres and phytonutrients. Also ideal as a snack if you need fuel during your marathon (apply salt).


* Red pepper: contains more vitamine C than any fruits, vitamine C is essentiel to repair connective tissue and cartilage.


More to come..... Part III in the running...




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