"Vegetarian Power Food" (part III)

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The last part of Power Food without meat! Eating healthy, the right food to give you strength & power during your active or inactive life without harming the animals :-)

Hello back for the last part, part III, to give you some final advices:


* Rice (brown): delivers you fibers, protein, iron and potassium, more than the white version, it is also a good carb filler for long distance runners.


* Quinoa: gluten free, full of amino acids, iron and carbs. Very usefull for runners as you can cook it in large quantities and can eat it warm & cold as a snack, breakfast or fast food lunch.


* Sesame seed: royal amounts of iron, copper, magnesium, minerals we need to strenghten our body, also the calcium inside is the best alternative of animal calcium to provide you a strong bone structure.


* Spelt pasta: spelt is a family member of wheat, contains gluten and is rich of iron (good for your endurance), zinc (good for immune system), magnesium (vital importance of the muscle -and nurve function). The whole grains instead of the white versions, digest slower so they deliver longer energy (for long distance runners).


* Spinach: contains folic acid, this vitamine B helps you to make immune cells, prevents you from illness, also very good to eat during your pregnancy or if you want to get pregnant :-) Spinach also contains vitamine A, which supports immune and inflammatory functions.


* Sunflower seeds: peeled seeds are a source of minerals (copper and selenium), help you to protect your muscles, also contains vitamine E (an anti- oxidant and heart protector). You can use a coffee grinder to peel the seeds.


* Sweet potatoe: my favorite :-) very low in glycemic index! Which gives you long energy! As above it gives you the trace elements manganese and copper, both crucial for the muscle function. A good fiber alternative for the normal potatoe, but also very delicious to eat, especially if you do not eat meat, but you like to eat a lot :-)


* Tofu: is a source of unsaturated fats, those fats improve your blood circulation system after a training with 45 percent. Also full of good proteins (for the vegetarian ones).


* Walnuts: the Omega 3 inside the nuts lower your bad cholesterol. Full of good fats and a good filler. Use it as a snack or through your salads.


* Watermelon: citrulline, amino acid inside the melon is a good buffer against muscle fatigue, so you can train deeper & harder.


* Wheat germ: last but not least: if you want to work on your immune system, do not forget this one! Contains vitamine E, folic acid, magnesium and zinc (crucial to work on your immune system). Zinc activates your immune cells, so they can attact infected cells if necessary. You can put this in your yoghurt or oatmeal for instance.


So this was a short guidance true power food without meat!

Food that gives you strenght & power!

There are far more foods to eat and to state but these are more specific for the active people around us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

More to come and enjoy your food :-)


Thank You XXX




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