"11 Days Challenge"

Gepubliceerd op 11 februari 2018 om 20:20

Challenge yourself in 11 Days to become a better version of yourself :-)

Are you tired of your lifestyle?

You want to loose weight?

You want to live a healthier life?


You just want to become the best version of yourself?

Then you are at the right spot!

Yes, you hear it right.

11 days, "11 days to challenge" your


Body - Mind - Soul


To reconnect with your body.

To enjoy food to the fullest!

To appreciate food more, to recognize what your body needs.

Everyone is different, so everyone needs different food.

To eat the right food, to become

"The best version of yourself."

To step out of your comfort zone and to Transform into a new zone,

The feel better zone :-)

With this 11 days challenge,

I will help you to start living a healthier life.

Just a few small steps, just a few tips and before you know it,

you are rolling into a healthier you.

I will analyze you @ first, so the programme will be personalized &

the coaching will be just for your body - soul - mind.

Because hey, everyone is different ;-)

And yes I believe in the power of the Uniqueness of everybody!

Be proud of yourself & take the most out of yourself just the way you are created!! :-)




Love you all🧡

Spread the love🤍




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