"Healthy Breakfast"

Gepubliceerd op 24 februari 2018 om 17:22

What is a healthy breakfast? We always thought it was bread or muesli. But there is far more than bread! And bread is not the most healthy choice. What is it then?

Decades ago, someone decided to introduce bread as a healthy choice to eat, especially for breakfast.

Filled with a lot of protein rich ingredients such as cheese, meat,....

Or a muesli dish from the supermarket, filled with a lot of industrial sugars.....

This cannot be a healthy breakfast :-(

People feel tired, people are hungry, people are craving for energy.


What is a healthy breakfast?


-> "Fruit Breakfast": fresh seasonable fruit, pure or you can pimp your fruit with seeds, cocos, honey, yoghurt,.....




-> "Granola Breakfast": fresh homemade granola filled with seeds, oats, honey, ahorn, cocos, ...




-> "Oatmeal Breakfast": pure natural oatmeal, mixed with almond/ plantbased milk, a little bit of honey, maybe some cocos, mmmmm......





These are a few examples of a healthy breakfast :-)

Curious about recepies? 

You want more?


You can contact me for recipes or more info :-)


Start living today & choose a healthy happy lifestyle!

Life is easy, you just have to see it & feel it.....




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