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The Yourney Within...🤍


Yoga is a common thread in my life.


Since I came to earth I started to question everything and yoga soon came my way. Practicing at home was a habit.

Reading about it was a normality.

Following lessons with great teachers was the next step.

Yoga retreats a gift.

And the Yoga Teacher Training is the start of a new chapter in my life.

The choice for the most perfect teacher training that suits me has taken a while. There are so many courses around the world that the choice was not easy.


How do you make the right choice?


For me it was simple:

The country or island that stole my 🤍 is Ibiza so it makes sense that I would follow a teacher training there.


What kind of training then because there are so many?


The teacher training who fits me the most in terms of content.

That has become the Yin Yang Yoga Teacher training.

The content appealed to me immediately because the core of the training is based on the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine, as well as on the meridian theory.

Perfectly fitting or fitting with all my other courses that I have ever followed and that I also apply in my current practice for foot reflexology and nutrition.

I also love Yin and Yang, the perfect balance.

And the location of course .....


The story was made ......


And so my journey to become a yoga teacher started in March 2019...


In which I mainly left behind what no longer suited me, literally and figuratively.

And in which I came back reborn and rebuilt, full of new information that I would really like to share with you.


The message of love🤍


A new world full of love & people in balance.


Being completely yourself is the best thing you can ever become :-)








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