"Vegan Sinterklaas"

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The little ones among us will soon be putting out their shoe again, this year maybe vegan... :-)

You can easily find out whether the beer for the shoe is vegan.

For all other matters, I am happy to help you with the following overview of vegan Sinterklaas sweets!


I made a handy list of vegan chocolate for you.

Did you know that black chocolate is often vegan too? Some brands contain milk powder, so it's best to always check the ingredients list! Celebrating Sinterklaas is of course even more fun with adapted chocolate figures. Here too the rule applies that a lot of black chocolate is vegan, but not everything.

I searched for you what else can be found in the supermarket:

Wiloco: chocolate figures in different flavors and shapes (for sale in organic shops and at Colruyt).

Magic Chocolates: Chocolate figures in different flavors and shapes. Moreover, this chocolate is also guaranteed gluten-free (for sale in organic stores).

Belvas: vegan chocolate coins with rice milk (for sale in organic stores).

Spice nuts

Hema wholegrain spice nuts, old Dutch pepernoten and spelled spice nuts (the normal spice nuts are not vegan).

Van Delft spice nuts (for sale in organic stores).  


Traditional nic-nacjes contain milk, but Ecobiscuits offers a vegan alternative: no letters, but nice animal figures in a Sinterklaas bag (for sale in organic shops).  


Marzipan can be vegan, but it is certainly not always. I have listed a number of vegan marzipan varieties for you:  

Boni Selection marzipan (both organic and non-organic), Ravelli Chocolatier (for sale at Albert Heijn), Delhaize marzipan (with or without chocolate).     


Sweets often contain animal ingredients such as gelatin or animal coloring agents. Going through the ingredient list of sweets is not always easy. Do you have trouble with the e-numbers? This list is a useful tool! Did you know that the next candy is vegan?  

Acid mats from Look-O-Look and Katja Napoleon balls Chupa-chups lollipops, different flavors .  Sweetheart sweets, like many other sweets, are made with gelatin and are therefore not vegan.  

Spiced Biscuit 

Most caramelized biscuits are simply vegan, handy right? Some varieties contain honey, so it is best to check the ingredients for certainty.       Prefer to make it yourself? Be sure to try our recipes for home-made speculoos and filled speculoos. Can't get enough of the taste of speculoos? Watch out for my next blog...


Hopefully this list makes you & your kids happy.

You certainly make the Animals very Happy!!


Thank you!






For tasteful Vegan Sinterklaas recepies watch out for my next blog, to be continued...

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