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Friday the 13th, march 2020, the day I will always remember...



The day Belgium went into lockdown,

my last working day,

the last night that we could go to a restaurant ...


And then everything was different ...


The first days were quite confusing for me.

What, how, where, why, when, how long ...

The initial lockdown and the corona news may have come as a shock to most people.

But for those who saw it coming, the world was ready for a reset.

It was time for the monkey minds, to come to a peaceful mind.

It was time for the companies to think different.

It was time for nature to cleanse.

It was time for a pause...


In the meantime, almost a year has passed and your opinion on this matter may have changed radically or not?

It will have a different meaning for everyone.

For example, some entrepreneurs have only become more creative and now have golden businesses.

Others see black snow again.


Also with the opinion and truth about corona a duality has arisen.

You have the believers, the followers, those who follow the mainstream media and then you have the non - believers, the rebels, those who do their own research.

Whoever you are, you choose your own life.

The only negative about the corona story is actually the duality that is now in extremis, but actually always has been but is now being magnified.

The massive fear they create by the media is also worth mentioning.


But let's focus on the positive:

The quietness we received especially during the first lockdown.

The time we have been given to rediscover who we are.

What do we really want?

Nature that could breathe and bloom again.

People are waking up....✨✨✨


Let's respect each other for everyone's opinion.

The only thing I don't understand and that's my opinion is the health concept.🌱

The only thing that is important to the government are the mouth masks.

The only thing that is important to the government is to create fear.

Why is there no mention of healthy food?

Why is there no mention of meditation?

Why are the fast food chains allowed to stay open.

Why then is there not invested in preventive health care and building a strong immune system?

Why are all unhealthy items still available?

And why is our freedom restricted?

These are all questions that in any case make me doubt about current policy.

Is this still about health or is it more about power and control?

If the masks work so well, why keep everything closed except the shops and the planes and public transport, all of which are busy places?

Not to mention the flu that suddenly disappeared?

The deaths that just disappeared and suddenly all turned into covid deaths?

To give a concrete example of myself that the current medical sector is not concerned with human health:

I too had flu symptoms several times last year.

The first time in March, the second time in September.

Since I know that the only remedy is rest and fasting I know that I do not need a doctor for this and those who know me know that I am against mainstream medicine for such complaints, but more about this in another blog.

Because I needed a doctor's certificate for work, because I was in a severe flu state and could not function normally at work, I called my doctor for an appointment. Instead of an appointment I was told that the flu did not exist this year, that I was required to undergo a covid test and that I therefore did NOT get an additional examination.

A doctor is there to make people better, for the well-being of people,

instead NO we must stick to "the protocol" and have everyone tested with symptoms.

Reason enough for me that this is not about health but about control & power.

Yes, I know for me it was only a flu, but suppose it is something serious, so it is not asked or investigated about this.

I don't want to know how many people have not been examined now who have something serious because the protocol only says, pcr test (not to mention the credibility of a par test).

And I haven't even talked about the vaccines .....

Maybe a topic for a next blog ...


In any case, plenty to think about.

But above all, respect everyone's opinion.

And above all try to stay yourself and keep thinking and feeling for yourself.

Does this feel good?

Is this normal?

What is health to me?

How can we help each other in this special time?

Instead of blaming each other for having different opinions?

What can I learn from this?

How can we create a new and more beautiful world together?🧡

In which good health does prevail.


Stay alert and watchful and follow your heart.


Above all, stay awake.

A critical look is okay.


Love & light





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