" Vegan Pregnancy"

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A Natural lifestyle🌿.

A Holistic approach.

Listening to your body.


A "Natural pregnancy" without supplements and without animal products.

What do you eat then?

Or what should you eat for sure, so that you do not create shortages.

We will go into this in more detail.




Because this is in high demand and because I notice that in this current society full of fear and uncertainty, full of toxic foods and conflicting messages, there is a great need for this.

There are several themes we can talk about such as:

. getting pregnant

. nutrition to become pregnant

. nutrition during pregnancy

. mental readiness

. soul readiness and so on, ....


We can write about this endlessly.

Today I start with the Theme:


Natural food (vegan) during pregnancy.


Folic Acid

What is Folic Acid?

Vitamin B9

Regulates the development of nerve fibers in the embryo and fetus and is involved in rapid cell division.

A healthy body produces this vitamin itself in the colon.

During pregnancy there is an increased need for folic acid.


Hooray, you are pregnant.

In the first trimester you have to take folic acid supplements according to traditional medicine.

However, folic acid is in our natural diet.

All nutrients are in nature, you just have to know what you need.

So if you would like to live a natural life and pregnancy, I would love to give you a list of folic acid-rich foods that you can eat especially during the first trimester to prevent deficiencies:


- wheat germ

- brewer's yeast

- endive

- cauliflower

- spinach

- asparagus

- parsley

- avocado 

- banana

- honeydew melon

- orange

- hazelnuts

- walnuts

- almonds

- sesame seeds


This means: trying to eat more of these during the first trimester.

If you like, I will give you some delicious recipes you can make out of this list..... ;-)


If you are vegetarian you can add egg.

Especially egg yolks.

Try to eat free-range organic eggs, which you know are fed without antibiotics and without chemicals.

Also a farm without a cock, only hens so that the egg is not fertilized.


If you are having a hard time conceiving, we look at the whole picture:

🤍Body - Mind - Soul🤍

More on this topic later.


Regarding nutrition, I recommend a plant-based diet🌱.

To purify the body.

Animal products, especially meat and dairy products, pollute the intestines.

A polluted intestine cannot absorb nutrients.

A polluted intestine causes an acidified body.

A plant-based diet is cleansing and ensures balance in the body.


🤍Best advice during Pregnancy 🤍


Listen to your Body

Listen to your Soul

Listen to what it needs and Feel it....


Make the 🤍Connection🤍


Everyone is different....

Every pregnancy is different...


"Listen to the Wisdom of Nature."🌿


Trust the Process.

Everything will unfold the way its meant to Be...


Love & Light



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