“Prenatal Yoga”

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♠️N E W♠️

🤍P R E N A T A L  Y O G A🤍


♾ Feel how nice it is to connect with each other ... ♾


From next week (11-05-21)I will start with prenatal yoga classes.

Mornings & Evenings

Hatha & Yin

Zoom & Real Life

Private & Group


Why Prenatal classes?

Yoga is Union

Yoga is connection

Creating a Magical bond with each other

Connecting with Breath & Energy

✨You are Magic You are the Bridge between 2 worlds✨

Taking good care for yourself and your baby is Soooo Important 
Body- Mind- Soul

I will guide you through your trimesters 

Connect with other pregnant women


Is it for me?

If you like yoga & bonding with your baby Y E S🤍


Is it safe?

Yes for all trimester 

New to yoga or beginner check with your gyneacologist.

Yes 1 on 1 or Zoom or in group outside 


Check my Instagram page reflexrelaxx

& fb page & Newsletter for updates.


Are you willing to free up your precious time for yourself and the baby to enjoy the pregnancy and prepare for the delivery🤍


Ready for the journey🤍

I am🤍


See you on the mat✔️




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